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Thanks for visiting my blog "Jewelry Deconstructed" at Livingston Jewelers. I have decided to host this on my website rather than a stand alone blog as I was sending more time dealing with hacking attempts than writing!

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Buying Scarcity

Posted on by Gerald A. Livings

Scarcity refers to a problem of basic economics. The problem between limited resources and limitless desire of those resources. Diamonds are rare. A flawless diamond is exceptionally scarce and rare. A flawless diamond that is perfectly colorless is phenomenally scarce and rare. Think about how rare does that make diamonds that are perfect in color, clarity and also in cut? An included diamond is very common while a flawless diamond is exceptionally scarce and rare. How does this affect price?

Artisans, the SCA, Regalia, and RFP’s

Posted on by Gerald A. Livings

As an artisan, we get vague requests all of the time. Asking an artisan to spend hours of their time drawing, sketching, planning, pricing, and writing a proposal that is 95% certain to be ignored or dismissed for any number of reasons is to say the least, not very polite. (In my case as a jeweler, this runs from 4 to 20 hours depending on the project.)

Your first and most important tool as a jeweler.

Posted on by Gerald A. Livings

I have seen may people take up jewelry as a hobby and a career. So I thought I would share what the first jewelry tool I was handed when I started. Lon Putman handed this to me over 30 years ago and told me it was going to be the most important tool I would ever use.

Jerry's Gemstone and Jewelry Cleaning Guide

Posted on by Gerald A. Livings

I wrote this guide to help you care for all of your jewelry so that, day in and day out, it looks like you just purchased it. I believe that proper care will extend the life of, and help maintain the value of your jewelry. And for the most part, you can do it yourself, at home.

I can’t do that. . .

Posted on by Gerald A. Livings

I have seen several posts on Facebook about being an artist and a jeweler lately. Every post has one thing in common. Everyone has comments about getting overwhelmed by not being able to produce a quality of work out of the gate that equals the work of someone who has literally decades of experience.

Jewelry Deconstructed

Posted on by Gerald A. Livings

I should start with how the name for this blog came to be decided on.
I am an eclectic individual having a love for many wildly different interests. My main interest in life is my wife, after that, jewelry.

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