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Welcome to Livingston Jewelers

Thank you for visiting my website!

Here you will find information of interest to Jewelers and Jewelry lovers alike. My career spanned many parts of the jewelry trade from sales, to managment, and it ended up being long hours as a self employed bench jeweler. I hope to pass on many of the things I learned to you, my friends.

My goal is for this website to become a resource for those interested in the art of beautiful jewelry: not just the way it looks but the way it is made also. As more information is added you will find more links. Thanks for visiting and please check back often!

I have recently decided to make a stamp to identify all of my jewelry items. From this point forward, they will be stamped with the following maker's mark: "G⋀L".

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The reason that I will never use AI in my writing and will never trust any research by anyone who does is that it is the epitome of laziness. Why should I be bothered to read anything that nobody bothered to write? I know that I do not want to read it so I will always assume that those reading my work think the same.

Disclaimer Nowhere in my writing, videos, documents, or audio or visual recordings, is artificial intelligence (AI) is being used to generate content. All of my content is produced by myself personally or by other living human beings. As I have no control over websites and other content produced by others, I can not guarantee that the material linked to them is written solely by humans.