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glove making

A classic, historical book about glove making. This book is filled with detailed instructions for making your own gloves.

I bought this at a garage sale and it may come in handy for my friends. The pages are very fragile so I decided to scan the pages so everyone has access to it.

To cover my bases...
I believe this book is old enough to be in the public domain. I am posting this because it is fairly rare and I am not making any sort of profit from this. These images are for personal use only and may not be used for business, sold or bartered in any way. Thank you!

I obtained a current copy of this book as it is currently published and after looking at every page I can say that there is ZERO copyright information in it. As well, it appears to have been printed from a very low quality set of images. So I believe this book is in the public domain. Please enjoy this copy!

Practical Glove MakingEdwards, Isabel M. (1946). London: Sir I. Pitman & Sons.(Pitman's craft for all series)

The book

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Practical Glove Making by Isabel M. Edwards.