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Here you can learn a bit about myself, my wife Oyounne, and our website. Please enjoy!

A little bit about us...

The website "Livingston jewelers" and the store "Dhara Designs" are a collaboration between Oyounne and Jerry. The website and store are a place where they can connect with others who love sparkly items of any sort.

About Oyounne

Growing up in India, Oyounne was fascinated by the intricate designs that could be seen everywhere; in the architecture, jewelry, attire, décor, and even in the Mehendi that Indian brides are adorned with.

Inspired by these sights, she began to doodle and these quickly evolved into distinctive designs reminiscent of the delicate scroll-work found all over India. The designs seemed to flow from within and I began to create art that was unlike anything else available.


Jerry came to his art by a different path. In the mid 80’s he took up making simple jewelry as a way to learn patience. Not expecting anything to come of it, he was surprised when jewelry making became a passion and then a career.

Biography of Gerald A. Livings

Professional Affiliations

  • Member of the Midwest Jewelers Association (Previously the Wisconsin Goldsmiths Association)
  • The MJA is a nonprofit association promoting professionalism and high ethical standards of business practices in the jewelry trade.
  • The Ganoksin Project, member of the Orchid community
    The Orchid Community located on the Ganoksin Website, is the heart of Ganoksin. It is the oldest and largest jewelry making community on the web.

Education: The Gemological Institute of America (Distance Education)

  • Recipient: GIA Colored Stones Certificate -2008
  • Recipient: GIA Colored Stones Essentials Certificate -2006
  • Recipient: GIA Diamonds and Diamond Grading Certificate -2005
  • Recipient: GIA Diamond Essentials Certificate -2004
  • Recipient: GIA Diamonds Certificate -1999

I am an eclectic individual having a love for many wildly different interests. In the fall of 1985 I made my first piece of jewelry in the recreation center at Ft. Hood Texas while serving in the US Army. With no experience at all I managed ,under a friends direction, to make a piece that was very simple.

this was my first introduction to what would later become a passion. A few years later, after leaving the service and moving to Madison WI., friends started asking for unique and quality pieces. Because of this I decided to pursue custom jewelry as a career.

The first jobs in the jewelry trade were in several big-name stores in sales positions where the only things that mattered were profit and sale goals. the customers were looked down upon as merely a source of income. I also worked for several small privately owned stores that ironically had much of the same viewpoint of the large companies that they felt superior to. In addition many of the small companies were afraid to try something new because they might lose a customer, even proven sales techniques were taboo as many of the folks in the custom trade feel that sales professionals rank somewhere below thieves and con artists for honesty.

I can not fault this reasoning as I has been told by co-workers, " it is perfectly alright to lie to a customer as long as it helps make them buy". This is not a common thought but it is more common then you would think.

I feels that the best sales professionals are the ones with the highest integrity and treat their clients as friends. I want to bring my ideals of heirloom quality jewelry to the people who need it the most... you... the person who can see quality and demands it.

I am lucky to be running my own shop now so that I can bring my own passion for jewelry to others.

When I is not working I am is actively involved with research into historical jewelry manufacturing techniques. I am also writing a book about aiglets. I keep current with other jewelers at the Ganoksin Project.

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