'Practical Glove Making' by Isabel M. Edwards

'Practical Glove Making'

'Practical Glove Making' by Isabel M. Edwards (pdf) (opens in a new tab or window)

A classic, historical book about glove making. This book is filled with detailed instructions for making your own gloves.

This is not jewelry but it does show how to make gloves. A skill that is being lost. I bought this book at a garage sale and thought it should be shared to preserve the knowledge contained within. Due to the pages being very fragile,I decided to scan the pages so everyone has access to it.

To cover my bases...
I believe this book is old enough to be in the public domain. It is fairly rare and I am not making any sort of profit from this. These images are for personal use only and may not be used for business, sold or bartered in any way.

One company does sell a poorly copied version of this book. I obtained a current copy of this book as it is currently published and after looking at every page I can say that there is ZERO copyright information in it. So I believe that it is truly in the public domain. This newer printing also appears to have been printed from a very low quality set of images. Possibly they used second or even third generation copies. Many of the images are random smears of black and gray with no value.

This copy may not be perfect, but the photos, drawings and images are clear and easy to see. Feel free to link to this page and share this among your friends.

Practical Glove Making Edwards, Isabel M. (1946). London: Sir I. Pitman & Sons.(Pitman's craft for all series)